During the long-ago time when the Lodge project was in seedling form, I took an interest in the nature of trance and in multi-various other forms of altered states of consciousness…including sleeping dreams, day dreams, random thoughts and subconscious attractions and the like.  As part of this curious study I decided to learn about hypnotherapy and past life regression, and subsequently went on to qualify to professionally practice.

I did however soon become further entrenched in my personal love of physical mediumship and as a result seldom found time for the subject of my earlier interest.

Very recently the subject of past life regression has been raised between friends and I have felt sufficiently curious to take a look back at the potential within the subject.  I offer the reports of friends recent experiences below.

Incidentally, both of these ladies have known mediumship ability and I believe their experiences have been supported and guided by their spirit teams/ controls.  Whether this is the case for others who sit for the past life regression experience is not known...for I feel that everyone has an innate spiritual connection whether we aware of it or not.
Chris Di Nucci

Case One
During my last visit to the Lodge, we were able to find the time to attempt an experiment with past life regression. This is something I’ve always wondered about – is it ‘real’?  Will the ideas that I have about potential past lives influence the outcome, or become ‘proven’ etc?  

The initial process led me down a path to settle down into the right mental state to have the experience. I was then offered three gates to open that were located along the path. Beyond each gate would be an experience for me. At no point was I given any suggestions of what I may experience.
The three experiences that I had are very different to that which I expected. Not one of them was as I thought it would be.

When I opened the first gate I found myself on a ledge, looking out over an expansive mountain range. I felt high up, like I was up at considerable altitude. Some of the mountains were snow capped. The sun was shining, and it very bright.
I saw a shape form in the distance, and as I watched it draw nearer, it took the form of a very large bird of prey – a very large eagle. It flew to the front of me and then I realised that I was flying also. I wasn’t too sure if I was the eagle, or if the eagle was alongside me, but I flew over the mountains and had a ‘birds eye view’ of the mountain range below.
As we flew, I became aware of a small grass plateaux in amongst the mountains. I/we landed, and I found myself waiting on this plateaux. There was nowhere to go. As I looked around, I saw a figure slowly emerge – the figure took shape out of nothing, as there was no distance from which it could appear.
The figure took the form of a Native American. I was able to see him very clearly. He looked of an older age, although his hair was still long and dark. He wore a traditional headdress and he was ‘fully’ clothed. He was looking at me as he approached, but he did not speak. When he was near to me, he began a dance, and circled round like an eagle with his arms extend up and behind him. He was chanting as he danced.
*I’ve since looked for a dance that emulates the dance that the Native American performed, and have found a dance ceremony called the Eagle Dance.  I found its significance particularly interesting.
Link: Dance
When he finished, he stood still in front of me. I asked him who he was, and what his name was. I didn’t hear a response, but I received a clear mental message from him that we needed time to get to know each other. I felt that he was getting to know me just I was getting to know him, and that he was a potential ‘new to me’ guide. The experience ended at this point, and I returned to the gate from which I entered.

On walking further down the path to find the second gate, an owl flew in front me. The owl looked at me as it flew past. I didn’t see where it came from, or where it went.
Upon entering through the second gate, I found myself walking through a valley or ravine. I was male, and felt young – maybe mid-late teens. I was tall. I was wearing natural clothing – skins were sewn and formed ‘shoes’ around my feet, and my trousers seemed to be woven and were naturally coloured. As I walked through the ravine, I realised I was not alone and that I was part of a group of people. We were hunting. This was a normal day for us. Nothing out of the ordinary.
As we walked, I noticed the entrance to a cave on my left. I knew this entrance and knew that it led to a vast complex of tunnels and larger spaces that were used for talking to the Ancestors…and that it was a sacred space to be respected, and that because of my youth I was not allowed in yet.
I felt that I connected to this space and felt a surge of heart energy - love, that over whelmed me. I desperately wanted to go through the entrance. I could see there were symbols painted and carved into the rock. But I knew that I wasn’t allowed to go there yet as I hadn’t been through an initiation ceremony – I was too young – I felt respectful of that. I didn’t know what was involved in the ceremony, but I wasn’t scared or worried, and was excited to know that my time was coming soon.
At that point, I saw the Native American from the previous experience. He looked ‘placed’ in this experience, like he wasn’t part of it, but was involved in showing me what had occurred. The experience ended here, and I returned back to the gate.

The last gate was located at the very end of the path. As I walked down towards it, I noticed another owl. This owl happened to be sat in a tree and turned its head as I walked past.
Upon opening the final gate I was fairly staggered to find that there was ‘nothing’ in front of me. I closed the gate behind me and turned around expecting to see something, and yet, there was still nothing. Complete nothingness. There was no sound, totally nothing. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realised that the nothingness was endless.
When asked to look down to see what I was wearing, I was surprised to see nothing. I wasn’t actually there. My physical self had completely disappeared. All that remained was my consciousness.
As ‘I’ travelled forwards through the nothingness, I felt part of it. I felt extremely relaxed and content. I then suddenly noticed what looked like a column of faint light which literally took my breath away (I remember gasping), and within this column were sparkles, like a column, like a conglomerate of sparkles, that were spilling over to create a fountain formation. I passed around it, totally in awe of it.
As I looked at the light I understood it to be consciousness. I felt as though I was looking at the creation of all things and felt love, and again, felt quite overwhelmed by it. The way I experienced it is akin to the descriptions of people having ‘god like experiences’. I could have stayed in this ‘space’. It felt truly like ‘home’.
When I was asked to return to the gate, I was quite at a loss as to how to do that. But eventually, the gate appeared, and I came back through, and walked back up the path to ‘return’ to consciousness. The regression exercise ended here”.

 Case Two
"I have been interested in past life regression for some time, so when Chris offered me the chance to experience this experiment, I was a more than willing guinea pig! 

In advance of the sitting we agreed that the experience would be two fold.  The first part being regression, potentially into a 'past life'...and the second part would be about asking my spirit team to offer me anything, perhaps from a past experience, that might help me developmentally, as a medium.

The regression took place within the séance room as I am familiar with that environment and Chris intended to invite my spirit team to connect with me for this experiment.  The setting was not quite the same as for séance work however.  I didn't know what to expect, but the background music was soothing, so I relaxed and closed my eyes.  I tried to look ahead through my third eye, which was a suggestion offered by Chris, as I don't visualise things easily.  As I relaxed further I became aware that I was walking along a path and coming towards a gate.  I went through the gate and was immediately aware of myself as being a child.  Chris asked how old I was and I replied "Six".  Chris asked whether I was alone and I said that "my Daddy" was with me.  I could feel tears coming from my eyes and running down my cheeks, but I don't know why this was. 

I was aware at this point that this ladies spirit team were working as if to present the appearance of faces...possibly related to this ladies regression experience.  I could in fact see faces forming in front of the mediums own.  However, as it was not my intention to work in the manner of a séance, but rather to complement the process through the experience of regression, I effected this ladies return to the gate she had entered.  Chris Di Nucci.
After a little confusion I found myself back on the path and moving along towards another gate.  This time when I passed through the gate I felt myself to be standing on grass, beside a doctor as part of a hospital or medical environment.  There was a lot of blood, and smells and sounds of war. There were young soldiers with horrific injuries. I was there to not only treat physical injuries but specifically to offer comfort to those who were near to their own death.  This was very clear to me, it was my job to comfort them. I could feel energy in my hands (as for spiritually-effected healing) and I could feel a hand upon mine as if guiding me.  Chris then asked me to return through the gate and to consciousness.
Interestingly, when younger I wanted to train to become a nurse, but knew that I would never be able to cope with 'blood and horrible stuff'.  Perhaps I have worked as a nurse in life 'before' and maybe don't need that same experience again?  In any case, I feel now that I was offered this regression as what I saw supports my chosen path...which is to develop as a physical medium and to potentially help others by easing the unnecessary fear of death.

The final part of the experiment was for me to receive some guidance that might support my development as a physical medium.  The guidance I received at this time was helpful to me, but Chris feels that the content is highly personal so should not be published".